Practicing Biosecurity on and off Farm

Just like humans, plants and animals are susceptible to diseases and pathogens that carry them. Once a disease gets into an area where livestock are kept it may spread quickly and be very hard to eradicate from that area. Preventative measures are the most effective way to treat these diseases. Farms call these measures Biosecurity … Continue reading Practicing Biosecurity on and off Farm

Humane Slaughter

As many of you know, our farm also has an on-site, custom exempt slaughterhouse operated by my father. In order to get a wholesome meat product to our customers’ tables the animal must be killed. In a previous blog I spoke about the time a 5-year-old asked me where meat came from while he looked … Continue reading Humane Slaughter

Labels when Buying Local, do we really need them?

"If you don't like something about business, change the way you run your business."-John Maxwell All farmers, big, small, conventional, organic, diversified or not, in the USA work hard to provide safe and wholesome food to American consumers. It is a struggle sometimes to celebrate and encourage people to support local agriculture or to start … Continue reading Labels when Buying Local, do we really need them?

The Reason I Blog

I personally believe that every person should have a profound knowledge of where their food comes from. Through this page I want to give you a honest synopsis of how we raise our livestock. I want you to really understand what goes into growing a product we are proud to feed our family and sell … Continue reading The Reason I Blog