Ask A Farmer

My goal is to provide you all with an honest synopsis of how we raise our livestock. We do what is best for the welfare of our animals and in turn what is best for our consumers to create a product we are proud to feed our family and to sell to you. I plan to post about the different practices we utilize and why we do so. I will also be posting about hot-topic issues and issues that many people do not know much about or that are misunderstood by many. As a farmer and college graduate with a BS in animal science I believe it is my responsibility to look at the many ways of farming and decipher what is best for my animals, for them to live a good, healthy life, minimize suffering and pain, and allow them a respectful death so that they can provide us with the most wholesome food. I hope that you will join me as I do my best to inform you about what really goes into our farm and I hope we can learn from each other so that we both understand the wants and needs of me-the producer and you-the consumer. Please, as you take the time to read these updates: Ask questions, Understand the answers to those questions, and then Pass that information on! That is my goal as I begin to share this information and I would love for you to join me!

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